Saturday, 1 December 2012

Some guys smart ramble

The juxtaposition of contemporary civilisation at the apex of cultural complexity and societal sophistication is a monstrously mythical misrepresentation of the historical facts present in voluminous books. This mythology is unmaintainable, inconsistent and disproportionate. Historically, there have been numerous other highly developed and organised social structures, which were better socially, technologically and philosophically flourishing for thousands of years before our current era. In particular, Kemet and Kush, as ancient African civilisations taught ancient Greece and Rome, India, China, Japan, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, the Americas before Columbus and through the Silk Road route before Marco Polo and via sea faring trade, the details of development, organisation and innovation of art and science, which are indispensably intricate indicators of intelligently insightful improvements of imperative intellectual import. The results of which inoculate intellectual independence. In essence, the Classical period, the period of Enlightenment and the Renaissance in Europe and elsewhere in the world are attributed appropriately to the dissemination and transmission of ancient African knowledge including, writing, speech, grammar, arithmetic, architecture, astronomy, cosmography, topography, geography, theology, physiology, anatomy, medicine, music and so on.

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