Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lacoste X BNTL

A couple weeks back myself and the rest of the BNTL family through a little party at the
Lacoste Live store located at 13 Newburgh Street, Soho London, W1F 7RS. Now, not to be big headed, but we tore sh*t down.
The turn out was phenomenal from start to finish and a total surprise to me. With a mix of familiar faces and new faces it was a beautiful night with good vibes and a well deserved boss meal over at mcdonalds.

But with all the above said, I must say the best bit of the night was when I saw one of my female friends take off her jacket... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhit had a brother weak at his knees! I never new she was working with all that healthy meat. As we say in the hood "JEEEEEEEEEZ"
she made me want to get my johnny bravo on.