Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Strongest website of 2013.

Qatar: A tiny country asserts powerful influence

My Philosophy: Dame Dash

The Internets went wild when a photo of Jay Z and Dame Dash together surfaced back in August. Reunited and it felt so good. Though the relationship between the former Roc-A-Fella partners went sour after years of rumored personal differences, Dame assures his bank account is what kept him from beefing. "Because people part ways in business doesn't mean they should be considered enemies. That's just some hype that the press sold," he tells VIBE. "Anytime I ran into Jay, it was what it was going to be. I made too much money to be mad at him." For the final installment of My Philosophy, Dame Dash also speaks on his loyalty to Cam'ron and Jim Jones and his strong belief in karma. "My thing is to make everyone around me rich, not to say be responsible for that, [but] because I'm always secure with the friends that I love are alright," Dame adds. "We used to live by that code called the Circle of Success." Watch him discuss the happiness of success and why he pays the bad press no mind above.

Monster looks to rebuild brand after loss of Beats

Monster looks to rebuild on its own after losing Beats by Dre

The audio cable company was in a coveted position as the decade began after launching what became the hottest headphones on the market, Beats by Dre. The audio devices had hip-hop/production legend Dr. Dre as a namesake and soon became synonymous with headphone chic. Celebrities like LeBron James, Diddy, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber launched their own signature Beats by Dre lines, and a host of other performers, athletes and entertainers became unofficial representatives as the most famous faces on the planet sported Beats on their ears.

But Beats Electronics ended its partnership with Monster last year. Even though Beats is still superhot, Monster CEO Noel Lee believes his San Francisco-based company has the proper pieces in place to regain its mojo.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Kanye West on Juan Epstein!!



These are selected clips from an interview with Kanye West conducted by Tomas Koolhaas in October 2013 for his film 'REM' -a documentary about his father, the architect Rem Koolhaas.
CONTEXT:In May 2012 OMA (Rem Koolhaas's architecture firm) designed a temporary pavillion for Kanye West at the Cannes film festival. The purpose of the pavilion was to screen a film purpose-made by Kanye West that was shot using seven cameras recording simultaneously from different angles. The pavilion housed seven separate screens, each one showing a separate camera angle. Despite the innovative nature of the film and the pavilion itself the entire endeavor received only a limited amount of coverage in the mainstream media.